The Business of NCRB

The National Center for Retirement Benefits, Inc. is the only firm in the United States dedicated to representing employees who have received, or are about to receive, a distribution from a retirement plan. We review your company's plan documents and your participation for accuracy in an effort to obtain a proper payout for you.

As a result of our thorough reviews hundreds of thousands of plan participants have received hundreds of millions of dollars of additional benefits.

Complex rules determine your distribution. Administrative and computational errors can and do occur! Often incorrect decisions are made by your former employer concerning your participation.

We will review, analyze and, if appropriate, audit your participation to determine if you have received, or will receive, the maximum possible payout. We communicate with your former employer to correct your payout.

If you have received a lump sum distribution, rolled your distribution into an IRA or are receiving monthly pension payments, our fee is 20% of the additional money generated by our service. The fee is solely determined on a contingent basis. This means you pay us a fee only if we are successful in obtaining additional money for you. You pay no expenses relating to the review, therefore you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by using our services!

Example: You have received $75,000 from your retirement plan. As a result of our services, your employer pays you an additional $20,000. Our fee is $4,000. If you receive no additional money there are absolutely no fees or charges payable by you.

If we represent ten or more plan members, a lower fee is available.

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